Miami Hurricanes Sign Louis Hedley, Australian Punter Who Is 26

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The U officially has itself a 26-year-old tatted up Australian punter named Louis Hedley who used to be a scaffolder in Australia and played semi-professional Australian Rules Football before turning to punting and a stint at a San Francisco junior college where he learned to punt in the fog and that put him on the Hurricanes radar. Now Hedley is going even further around the world to South Beach where the ladies at the clubs are going to go nuts over all the tats.

You combine the accent, that tats, the world travel stories and you have yourself a breakout star in the making in Miami where worst case scenario he becomes a social influencer, gets hooked up with some international model, gets drafted into the NFL, makes several million, buys a pearl white pad in Key Biscayne, hits it rich on some land deal and ends up living a life like LEEBS. I’m telling you guys, I see it coming a mile away.

As for that scaffolding career:

For a month at a time, Louis Hedley would find himself in the deserts of Australia. His chances at making a living playing Australian rules football were fading, so Hedley found employment in construction, working as a scaffolder across his home country. He would spend a week home in Mandurah, then fly out somewhere in the desert to spend a month working.

Louis enters Miami with a scholarship, all that room & board money and three years of eligibility. Imagine him sticking around until he’s like 29 just living that American dream. Not going to lie, why graduate? But we all know that Louis will probably spend a year, see what happens in the kicking game and then declare for the Draft. You want to enjoy that school life, but all that NFL money could smack him in the face and the next thing you know he’s punting in Green Bay.

“It’s a big commitment coming over here for 18 months,” Hedley said, “but as soon as I decided to come over here, I haven’t looked back and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done.”

Even for someone who knew almost nothing about college football 18 months ago, Hedley was able to pinpoint the Hurricanes as a dream destination early on.

Mandurah is a beach town and Hedley called it “torture” to be so close to the ocean in San Francisco, but unable to swim in it frequently because of the weather. He always told people he would like to wind up in Miami and in the coming months he’ll finally make it.

Of course he was able to pinpoint the Hurricanes as a dream destination. He knew Miami was an international city just loaded with Colombian Instagram supermodels. Louis got on IG and instantly knew where he was going to college. Look at this guy, he already gets it. Imagine what’s going through his head right know knowing he won’t pay a dime for the experience and likely won’t end up living with CTE after it’s all said and done.

Keep in mind, he can do this!


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