Looks Like Instagram Audrey Is Rooting For The Rams











I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but I have to say it again…ladies of Instagram…listen up if you want those LIKES: Get yourself some pics in Rams or Patriots gear before it’s too late this week. This is your week to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition posting the same positions over and over again. Go get a Rams jersey, cut half of it off and you have a LIKE machine.

Take Audrey here. Could’ve gone a little bit further with her Rams shoot, but it’s progress. Take a look at the comments and see the reactions. Whole different ballgame when you put yourself out there as a fan of one of these teams in the Super Bowl. Instant reaction from the IGs. You’re instantly part of the daily conversation and we all know that is tough these days when Instagram throttled your IG exposure.

I’m out here worrying about these IG models and how the influencing game has changed for them. Fit tea companies can’t just throw tea against the wall and hit an IG model who will have incredible reach. Now they have to get all selective and if you go on a roll via a Rams or Patriots half-shirt, you have a better chance of getting those fit tea samples. Think about this, ladies.

Audrey, a recent University of Arizona grad, now needs to dump out three more days of Rams content and become an overnight success. We’ll see.



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