Some Scumbag Tried To Shoot Our Friend Officer Martin…Wrong Move Scumbag!

Those of you who watch the BC Friday Show on Facebook and Periscope might remember back just before Christmas when we held our annual holiday show where I gather up a bunch of gifts sent in throughout the year and then bust out the prize wheel and the fans take home the gifts. This year we added a coat drive element to the event and the Toledo Police Department was nice enough to send a couple of officers out to handle the coats and load up a police van.

Turns out one of those officers was Tony Martin. He walked away with a couple prizes that day, including the awesome Browns ugly sweater that he threw on over his uni. The guy could’ve played it off and said it’s against department rules to put something on over his uniform. Not officer Martin. He put that bad boy on and gave 110% throughout the morning for a couple of guys doing an AM radio show at a diner.

This morning I fire up Facebook and one of the first posts I see has a familiar face. I just couldn’t be sure the Officer Martin at the Christmas show was the Officer Martin in the following post. Tonight it was confirmed that was our guy.

From the Toledo Police Department:

Rookie officer disarms suspect after near miss during weapons call.

On the last day of his initial probationary period, Officer Tony Martin was presented with his greatest challenge thus far. Last night, Feb. 2, 2019, just before 10:00 pm, officers were dispatched to the 200 block of Mayberry on a male suspect brandishing a firearm.

Upon arrival, Officer Tony Martin observed a male matching the description given by the caller. Officer Martin directed the suspect to stop so he could investigate; however, the suspect refused to listen to commands and continued to walk away. As Officer Martin grabbed the suspect to stop him, he felt a firearm in the suspect’s hand.

The suspect fired a shot, but the round missed Officer Martin. Officer Martin was then able to dislodge the firearm from the suspect’s hand and take him to the ground. Additional officers arrived to assist in taking the suspect into custody. The suspect has been charged with felonious assault on a police officer.

Officer Martin, as you might expect, has passed his probationary period.

Real talk for a minute — I meet people all the time through this site that do way more important things in the world than post Instagram models, fan fight videos, etc. Sometimes this website stuff seems so dumb and ridiculous, but then I’ll get a message from someone in the military or the criminal justice field saying how the dumb stuff is their release from a world that’s out of its mind. I just hope that at the end of the day I can make things just a little bit less stressful for those who are being shot at and dealing with that crazy world.

That’s still the mission here after all these years. It’s to possibly entertain those who need an escape from a job or a situation that puts incredible stress on that person. We’ll keep rolling along here and hopefully run into our guy Officer Martin to say thanks for putting his life on the line to battle it out with these scumbags out here trying to shoot a guy who is just trying to serve the community.

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