Rams Fan Ana Cheri Has A Broken Heart Over Super Bowl L











Of course I’m going to check in with all the Rams Instagram models after a tough loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII. Let’s start with Instagram superstar Ana Cheri, a Rams fan from so long ago that she actually has a weathered Rams shirt that she showed off on IG Story showing how she’s heartbroken over the loss and then got over it by posting a fresh leg day IG to get the narrative back on track. The last thing 11.9 million IG followers want is for Ana to be all emotional over a Super Bowl loss.

It’s actually good that the Rams lost because these IG models don’t deserve instant gratification by winning a Super Bowl. Their Rams jerseys aren’t even broken in yet. That said, I’m pro-Rams in the Super Bowl because the content has been absolutely outrageous. Did you see the video Julia Rose put out before the game? Insane and if this is the direction IG is headed, I’m all for it. Holy hell go click on that video. I’d suggest not opening it at work.

So add it all up and it’s great to have the Los Angeles models back into football. Some of them are listening with my suggestion to do some football shoots because this stuff moves the needle. We’re due for the Internet to go back to where it was in like 2010-2011 with the content.


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