Holly Sonders Continues Her Instagram Assault, Gronk Slips Some Tongue & Bielema Is A Champion

Thank god I went to a neighborhood party for the Super Bowl & didn’t sit home for that defensive struggle

Super Bowl reaction: Todd Gurley’s definitely hurt…Tom Brady had his Peyton Manning Super Bowl where he sneaks one out thanks to the defense…Adam Levine is definitely using HGH…Gronk’s done and turns 30 in May…time for Gronk to start creating little Gronks… Julian Edelman runs insane routes in case you haven’t been paying attention…there was nothing spectacular about the broadcast itself, but I could barely hear it because it was loud at the party…there are times I wonder what Tom Brady will do once he retires…might as well not retire until something actually forces him to retire because it’s just going to be things like shoveling the driveway and taking out the trash.

Numbers from :

Tom Brady (41) and Bill Belichick (66) are now the oldest QB and head coach to win a Super Bowl.

Brady passes Charles Haley for the most Super Bowl titles by a player (6).

Belichick ties George Halas and Curly Lambeau for the most NFL championships by a head coach (6). pic.twitter.com/jPjDOvKulF

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) February 4, 2019

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@MattieLouC @bustedcoverage @BunkiePerkins Also, my father is ignoring the golfers to read his Wall Street Journal https://t.co/CbhbltFwe9
C. F. Wednesday, Esq. (@ChikinFngrWnsdy) February 02, 2019

.@bustedcoverage https://t.co/dcQqx3QdcE
Mike (@bigern245) February 03, 2019

@bustedcoverage my brother spotted him in the Betting line, he said pound the over https://t.co/8RfewGrlFj
Bobby Salsa (@LargeInfant) February 03, 2019

Super Bowl champion pic.twitter.com/KaLuof3oFX

— Shutdown Fullcast, the world's only CFB podcast (@ShutdownFullcas) February 4, 2019

@bustedcoverage Dan Fouts taking in a game at Cameron Indoor https://t.co/SCN6hVoAxC
Brandon Patrick (@Binkley23) February 02, 2019

@bustedcoverage Todd taking in some HS girls basketball here in Arlington the day before the big game https://t.co/42RF4XFccf
Gambling Mike (@Gambling_Mike) February 02, 2019

@bustedcoverage Baker doing a little charity work at the Maumee Meijer https://t.co/Q4gusf1bRa
NotThatGuy (@TimInToledo) February 03, 2019

@bustedcoverage Nothing like running into Brett playing a little Donkey Kong at the arcade. https://t.co/ocP7f8EQmJ
Christopher Seven🎖 (@TheChrisChallis) February 02, 2019

@bustedcoverage Junior taking in the Iowa Michigan game https://t.co/naWgVzcFtN
  (@spvander) February 02, 2019