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Great question…is it possible to tell when a slot machine is loose?

From KNPR:

Casinos fear that raising the odds will drive away players, but new research shows that may not be true.

“There becomes this issue of, ‘if I put a higher house-edge game in, I might make more revenue in the short run but in the long run, I might damage my brand and chase off all my players if they can tell I’m sort of price gouging,'” said Anthony Lucas, a professor of hospitality at UNLV.

“And what we find is that the high-house edge games actually win quite a bit more than the low-house edge games,” Lucas said.

He said players choose the higher edge game more frequently.

“There is no reason for players to play that game and yet – they still do,” he said.

Let me tell you how many people have told me to never put a dime into a Vegas airport slot machine — like everyone in my life who has ever been to Vegas. Yet there I was earlier this month at McCarran crushing video poker machines and it was like three different machines. I know, I know it was just one of those days, but I never win on Vegas slots. They were just loose at the right time.

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