Kyler Murray Had A Rough Interview On Dan Patrick Show

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Kyler Murray’s interview on the Dan Patrick Show didn’t go very well this morning for the two-sport hopeful who wasn’t down with answering any question on his future with baseball or football, leaving a trail of silence in his wake. Murray, who had obviously been told by his agent(s) and his father to not answer anything of substance or remotely having to do with his future, sat there and pretty much let Dan get frustrated over non-answers like whether he would take part in the Combine or even have a pro day.

OK, so here’s the deal — we get it, you can’t say anything about your future because there’s a bunch of negotiations going on and your agent has told the A’s what it will take to make him play baseball and there’s this whole NFL Draft coming up in the spring. His marketing team and father needed to coach him better on this stuff.

I interviewed Murray at the Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year awards a couple years ago in Los Angeles and he was a totally different person then than what I experienced that night at a downtown L.A. hotel conference room. It doesn’t look like this version of Kyler Murray is having fun with this process. It looks like he’s extremely stressed to not say anything wrong, yet he didn’t want to leave Gatorade money on the table and not take this opportunity to put a bottle on Dan’s desk.

It’s true, this will go down as one of those Matt Harvey episodes for the DP Show. Murray will come back a year from now when he’s a NFL quarterback and will be much more relaxed because he’ll have a healthy lump of money is his account and the pressure will be off. Time for the guy to smile a little bit.

Also, don’t forget that Murray is 21 and colleges don’t put these guys in front of cameras.

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