$709 Has Been Raised For Guy Fired Over Tom Brady ‘Known Cheater’ Chyron

Kind souls have raised $709 as I type this blog for now-former KDKA producer Mike Telek over the ‘Known cheater’ chyron that ran during Monday’s news on the Pittsburgh CBS affiliate. One thing led to another and the higher-ups at the station decided to fire Telek for pulling the stunt as the parent company gets ready to broadcast Patriots-Rams.

What was clearly a TRIGGERED moment for Telek shouldn’t have gotten the guy fired, but then again CBS has the game this week and they can’t afford any bad looks during a week where the Viacom public relations doesn’t want to address what some low-level producer is doing in Pittsburgh. Now Telek is out of a job and his friends have rallied in the form of a GoFundMe that Telek says will go to a Tom Brady charity once he secures a new job.

From the Mike Telek GoFundMe page:

Did this bring you joy?  Of course it did.  As Pittsburghers the hatred for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots organization runs deep within all of us.  It’s common knowledge that this “dynasty” has been cheating its way into record books for the past two decades.  However, This is not why I am here.  As you all know that organization is a bunch of cheats.  But what you may not know, is that my friend Michael was the man behind that harmless photo.  He was a producer at KDKA news station.  One day later, he was fired.

It turns out that we’ve had Telek on the BC Friday Show. The guy is a wrestling encyclopedia. I’ve put the word out that we need to have him on Friday to hear more about how this all went down at KDKA. I’m full of questions.

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