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I asked Holly Sonders today on Instagram to confirm or deny that SHE’S BACK…OFFICIALLY BACK. She played it off like she had no idea what I was talking about, but that was clearly just playing it cool after dropping one of the biggest blowtorch photos out of the sports media world that you’re going to see in 2019. Our old friend knows what she’s doing here and what she’s doing is dropping CONTENT that’s going to get the few remaining independent sports blogs talking.

Look, Holly has been rather quiet since leaving Golf Channel and going to Fox Sports. It really hasn’t gone as I thought it would. There was the stint handling post-round interviews at the U.S. Open and then some other golf hosting responsibilities and now there’s the college football sideline gig, but Holly has pretty much been quiet at Fox. Not sure what that’s all about, but here she is dumping out content like the old Holly that we came to know and love. In fact, now I need to get Holly on the BC Friday Show to hear what her 2019 looks like.

It was announced in late October that she won’t be covering golf for Fox in 2018, but she will have a new contract with the network. I have a hard time believing Holly will just be doing college football and as a fill-in on Undisputed.

Though Sonders will no longer serve as part of Fox Sports’ golf coverage, her role as a studio host for other events as well as a sideline reporter for its college football coverage will continue. Her current contract was due to expire at the end of the year and was extended with a new multi-year deal, the terms of which were not disclosed. Fox Sports’ USGA contract expires after the 2026 championship season.

“Holly is a valued member of the Fox Sports family and we’re thrilled to continue working with her,” the network said in a statement.

If I’m Fox, I make it a priority to find Holly a better role in 2019. She’s clearly telling us it’s time to get back to being the GOAT like the mid-2010s.



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