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Would Vegas be ready to host a Super Bow? Uh, dumb question

From KTNV:

“You have the ease of access. You have the weather. You have the capabilities unlike any other city in America to handle the influx of people. Not only from the standpoint of being able to handle it but being able to handle it and not have it affect your day to day life.”

McKinnell, for one, is tickled at the possibilities.

“Imagine what a Super Bowl would be like here in Las Vegas. With the clubs that we have, the venues that we have, with the residencies that we have: it would be a Super Bowl experience unlike anything this country’s ever seen.”

The first year a Super Bowl could potentially come to Las Vegas would be 2025, because they are currently scheduled in other cities through 2024.

Get ready, Goodell will announce next year that Vegas will get the 2025 Super Bowl. By then the Raiders will have things dialed in and we’ll be like 6-7 years into sports betting across the U.S. It’s going to be an insane ticket to get. I was talking to a friend over vodka for lunch Wednesday that this is the Super Bowl everyone is waiting on and willing to drop huge money to be there. You might as well start reserving rooms with your casino host now because it’s happening. Mark my words.

Numbers from :

I HAVE A Superbowl ticket available for the 40 yard line. Price is discounted from $296,051.00 to $251,643.35. HURRY, it will go fast. #SuperBowl


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