Jared Goff’s Girlfriend Is Christen Harper?

If Christen Harper is Jared Goff’s girlfriend like our friends at SportsGossip says she is, this is about to be the biggest two weeks of Ms. Harper’s life because she’s about to get that Super Bowl attention from 200 entertainment sites who want to know what it’s like to be the girlfriend of LA’s Super Bowl quarterback.¬†TMZ will need a comment when Christen leaves a Peloton class. It’s going to get nuts for her.

I went through Christen’s social profile like any responsible i-Team blogger would and I can’t find visual evidence of a Goff-Harper connection, but he sure ‘likes’ quite a few of her IGs. That’s not some groundbreaking piece of investigative evidence, but I have seen SportsGossip do work before. This one makes sense. She’s a¬†Wilhelmina model traveling the world while Goff’s busy going to the Super Bowl. Busy schedules, that type of thing.

It’s the Rams we’re talking about here. This is exactly what the NFL wanted. High-profile players, models going nuts for the players, good looking head coach dating a Ukrainian model, good looking assistant head coaches, Super Bowl before the team’s stadium is finished.

[via SportsGossip]

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