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Remember the Sahara which became SLS? More money has been poured into making you want to go into the place

From the Las Vegas Sun:

If you don’t recognize your surroundings when you enter SLS Las Vegas from the Las Vegas Boulevard main entrance, that’s the idea. An extravagant renovation of that portion of the casino floor was recently unveiled, featuring an overall brighter and warmer design with a lower ceiling dressed with curvy decorative elements and golden desert tones with pops of red and purple.

It’s a striking difference from the darker, more industrial feel that dominated the property when SBE Entertainment opened SLS in 2014, and it’s just the beginning of a $100 million update that started in October after businessman Alex Meruelo acquired it in April.

In what year will be get a throwback Vegas casino that doesn’t try to look like a W hotel in the desert? How about something a little different, guys. Pops of red and purple? How about a throwback casino where I can get cheap hot dogs and beer? How about something gaudy. Baseball stadiums were torn down and built as ballparks. It’s time for at least one of these places to be torn down and turned into a classic joint where people can get weird.

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