20 NSFWBDs React To The Polar Vortex

By now you know it’s cold AF out there. My dad just called from Marco Island, Florida and said it’s a cool 65 down there and the old codgers are hoping they don’t freeze to death. Go north a few miles and Chicago is battling -50 windchills. It’s even worse in Minneapolis and the weather is so bad that the NSFWBDs are reacting to all of this in only a way the BDs can react.

You know the deal, the BDs cut through the nonsense and get down to business. They tell you what’s really happening out there on the streets. They tell you exactly what’s going on in their houses. They tell you how people are hunkering down to avoid the cold. I think you’re going to be big time surprised how they’re handling this polar vortex. Many of the BDs are hearty, but we’re talking record temps here. This is new territory that we’ve never seen before so this is the perfect time to gain some perspective on this historic event.




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