BC Reader: I’m Ready To Sell My Ohio State Tailgate Bus I Bought Via A BC Post

I received a DM over the weekend from a BC reader who wanted to let me know he’s selling his Ohio State tailgating bus and wondered if I would put it out there for all the readers. My response: Didn’t I post your bus like a couple years ago? Turns out BC reader Travis bought this bus off that post a couple years ago and he has to sell it so here it is once again with the stripper pole, new tires and ready for a new owner to take into the Ryan Day era.

Travis reports that he’s had 15-20 people on the bus during trips to the Horseshoe and went all out during his one season living the bus life, even making an IG page for his 1979 school bus. Here I thought the whole time that nobody would ever buy a tailgating ride off a BC post. I was wrong and I’m glad I’m wrong because now it doesn’t feel like a huge waste of time. There was another time when my cousin called me and told me about how his friend bought a Cincinnati Bengals Brinks tailgate truck that we posted, but the friend didn’t see it on the site. That one was close.

Anyway, go talk to Travis about his bus, see if it runs and maybe make an offer to take this bad boy home and add your own upgrades to make it a beast for Florida Atlantic on Labor Day Weekend.

Asking: $7,500

[Ohio State tailgating bus – Craigslist]



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