Aaron Rodgers & Danica Patrick Do New Zealand

Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers kayak in New Zealand

via Danica Patrick/IG

I’ve predicted for somewhere over a year or so now that Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick have been in one of those fake celebrity relationships where each side gets something out of the fake relationship like positive PR and a way to sell products, promote brands, etc. Well I’ll be damned if this whole Rodgers-Patrick thing hasn’t gone as far as New Zealand and a kayak in the Milford Sound along the western coast, in the middle of nowhere.

Danica penned this dispatch on IG:

He took me to the waterfall! ☺️😜 ….and did most of the paddling! ❤️ It looks like the water drops off in the distance but it’s flat all the way out to the ocean. Quite beautiful in Milford sound.
Take some time to get out in nature! I know it’s really cold in some places, so even just opening up the curtains and letting natural light in can lift your mood. 🙌🏼 #earthing

She also opened up about jumping off a bridge:

I am scared of heights… So the most logical thing I could think of to help get over that – was bungee jump.
It didn’t work. 😆 But, I just like to know that if I had to do something uncomfortable, I sure as shit could. Mind over matter.

What a growth trip for both of them. Just a couple of famous athletes in their mid-30s without kids and money to blow just trying to figure out life after facing adversity. Danica’s career is over so she has plenty of time off to go disappear in some off the beaten place in the world. You know this couple on Facebook. The annoying couple who travels the world because they don’t have kids and have a bunch of disposable income to blow on paddling trips. This is the couple that will post single photos for three weeks instead of dumping out one big pile of photos into a wrap-up gallery. This is also the couple that will end up in some exotic Australian locale and write, “Hope everyone back home stays warm,” while it’s cold as balls back in the States.

Enjoy your trip. No guy in his right mind would go on one of these trips if it’s a fake relationship. Clearly, I was wrong:

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