Meet Addi Clark – West Virginia Soccer Player

I’m not sure what’s been going on around here, but the West Virginia content has just been finding me lately. Now comes Mountaineers freshman soccer player Addi Clark who is grinding away at Instagram and has cracked the 10,000 follower mark which will now allow her the ‘swipe up’ freedom on IG Story which means the influencer world has been opened up to her. That brings me to my next question: Are NCAA athletes allowed to be influencers on Instagram?

Going back to 2015, the NCAA didn’t have a public answer to this question. I’m going to assume the NCAA doesn’t want its athletes promoting posts, promoting that tea that all the IG models seem to promote or sell IG Stories for profit. That’s a damn shame because you have athletes in non-revenue sports busting butt on social media building up a follower base and then they’re not allowed to profit from it.

Like I’ve always said though, athletes should be commended for building up that base any way possible while in school so that when they leave they have that account as possible leverage while looking for a job. Let’s say Addi Clark is going into TV. Let’s then say she walks out of West Virginia with 300k Instagram followers. TV companies would be stupid not to take that into account when comparing candidates. If two candidates are comparable, of course I’m going to first make sure the followers aren’t 85% fake and then I’m going to hire the candidate that’s been busting ass on social because she’s likely going to be extremely active in a work environment. Advantage: Addi Clark.

As for her soccer season, Addi played in 23 games and had one goal on 40 shots. Now it’s time to bust ass on that IG account.

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