Long-necked Oregon Man Gets 20 Months For Banging A Horse

via Fox12

Justice has been served and Oregon Man Kenneth Duyck has been sent to prison for 20 months in a case that revolved around the 21 year old banging a black mare named Ellie with the help of an overturned bucket. Duyck played the “off the meds” card on police, but it didn’t work in a court of law. Kenneth went down in a court of law and was banned from owning horses for 15 years. The judge has seen enough out of Kenneth.

From Fox 12:

A man was convicted on charges including sexual assault of an animal and sentenced to 20 months in prison. A Washington County judge also found Kenneth Lijah Duyck, 21, guilty on the charge of unlawful use of a motor vehicle Friday.

Duyck was arrested in April 2018. The investigation began when deputies responded to a call about someone tampering with a horse in a barn in the Hillsboro area. The owner’s daughter, who is a veterinarian, said it appeared the horse had been sexually assaulted.

Duyck was identified as a person of interest in the case and he was found sleeping in a stolen car in the parking lot of a store in the area. Deputies said Duyck admitted entering the horse stable without the owner’s permission, but initially denied any other wrongdoing, saying he only touched the horse’s tail. Duyck agreed to submit a DNA sample, according to investigators, which matched DNA collected as evidence in the case.

More from the Oregonian:

Duyck said he went to the stable, tied up a horse with a rope and planned to groom it, but instead claimed he ejaculated on the horse’s tail, according to the report.

Look, is the moron probably a little messed up in the head? Of course, not too many sane people are out banging horses and jizz blasting the horse’s tail. However, he was evaluated and the state said nope, you’re sane enough to know that banging a horse is not acceptable behavior in the Pacific Northwest.

Now for the jokes. Dig in:

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