Throw Darts & Take A Leak On Stan Kroenke At St. Louis Bar During Super Bowl

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One of my old Internet friends Justin in St. Louis sent word this afternoon that the bar he markets, Hot Shots in St. Louis, is preparing for the Rams in the Super Bowl by going out and buying Stan Kroenke urinal stickers, Kroenke photos for the dart boards and some drink specials when/if the Rams give up touchdowns to the Patriots.

From Justin over at Hot Shots:

We are doing the promo for the Super Bowl at our 9 MO locations. $1 off Bud Family pitchers for every TD scored against the Rams during the game. We will have Stans face on the dart boards and in the urinals for folks to take out some aggression on. Also, when the Rams lose we are celebrating with dollar beers the day after the Super Bowl as well. Should be fun and we still haven’t forgotten what that toupeed dipshit did to our city.

The price of Bud Family pitchers will go down $1 for every TD scored. They start at $8 so hopefully we are moving $1 pitchers by the end! We used these urinal screens at all stores right after the Rams moved to LA and people absolutely loved them. No better time to bring them back…

Justin tells me that the last time they used the Kroenke urinal screens customers took them out while in use. It’s unclear why they took them out. Souvenirs? Wanted to use them at their house?

[Hot Shots – St. Louis]

via Hot Shots via Hot Shots
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