Super Bowl LIII Will Feature Male Cheerleaders For The First Time…Or Not

via GMA

Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta featuring the Rams and Patriots will be a groundbreaking game in the cheerleader department thanks to Napoleon J. and Quinton P. performing at the Benz. These two will become the first male cheerleaders to ever perform at a Super Bowl and the national media is starting to pick up on this big news. GMA got on the train today and learned that the guys “fit right in” with the Rams ladies.

Here’s the bad news for GMA: It’s not the first time a Super Bowl has featured male cheerleaders. Ooops. One of your producers failed you. Let’s go back to 2013 when the Ravens played in the Super Bowl and took male cheerleaders to New Orleans.

You really hate to see a narrative like this fall apart because now there are going to be a bunch of outlets who will run with this story, make it into a big deal and the whole time we’ll know Napoleon and Quinton aren’t the first Super Bowl male cheerleaders.

2013…NOLA…Ravens male cheerleader:

Remember…there were a bunch of dudes on the sideline:

And there’s video proof:

The narrative is spreading:

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Super Bowl LIII Crazy Prop Bets
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