Meet Lana Van Hout – Middle Distance Runner

As you know, I’ve been dabbling in Australian Instagram models since the New Year, but now it’s time to jump over to New Zealand and meet Adidas middle distance runner Lana Van Hout. We’re not talking an Olympian here. We’re talking an Adidas-sponsored runner in the Instagram era where you don’t really have to reach an Olympics level to be an influencer in the middle distance running community. That means Van Hout can dedicate time to her YouTube channel, the IG Story channel and just go out there and make content while sporting The Brand.

From time to time Lana will show up on New Zealand health and fitness sites where she talks about her weekly regimen. In one interview she said her running routine is 100-120km per week. That’s 62-75 miles per week. I’m not sure if that’s much. I walk on the treadmill like two miles a day so she’s not doing much more than I am.

It’s just nice to give a middle distance runner some attention here in the States where the IG models are usually faking the workouts or doing squats like they’re going out of style because the LIKES pile up on the squat videos. Not Van Hout. She’s out there actually competing in running and being an athlete.

You guys should be doing these exercises instead of sitting on the couch gambling on NBA games:

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