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Here go the Super Bowl tickets plummeting in cost

From PatriotsWire:

On Championship Sunday, when the Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime, the average asking price for a ticket to Super Bowl LIII was $8,130, and the cheapest ticket was trending at $2,964. By Monday morning, the average asking price had fallen to $7,939, but the cheapest ticket had risen to $3,230. In those 24 hours, the number of tickets available on the secondary market rose from 2,742 to 3,476. Prices have fallen even more on Tuesday with the average price now sitting at $7,125.

OK, so plummeting doesn’t mean they’re plummeting to a level where the average fan is going to grab his old lady and drive over to the Benz and catch the Super Bowl. It just means that the get-in price is going to end up at a level where a single guy with $1,000 laying around will be able to snag a nice seat, maybe go in with a friend and grab two tickets and sleep in their cars. I remember being at Super Bowl 50 and a scalper offering $3,000 for my 50-yard line upper deck seat. I would’ve sold it if it wasn’t on a sponsored trip. Are you kidding me? $3,000 in my pocket and I could go watch it at the bar? I’m in on that every single time.

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