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By now you guys know what I would’ve done after hitting this one on a Seinfeld machine

From the LV Sun:

On Thursday evening, a Minnesota man hit the top prize of $617,000 on just his second spin on a Seinfeld slot machine, the casino reported. The winning spin came on a $5.40 wager, officials said.

The winner’s name was not released.

Players at the Cosmopolitan have been on a hot streak lately. In the last year, three other people have hit jackpots topping $1 million.

Most recently, a player on Dec. 24 hit a $1,023,743 jackpot on a Wheel of Fortune machine.

Straight to the airport, first class ticket out of Vegas, drink like a fish, get home, get some sleep, head straight to the bank to make sure everything is nice and secure in that bank account and then cut up all casino cards, block the casino host’s number, etc. You’re done. You finally beat the casino and you have to secure the bag and not let them get back into your head and let them suck that money back out of you.

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