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You know how those penny machines always look like a mistake waiting to happen to your finances?

From 23ABC:

On Monday, January 11, a Bakersfield woman was playing the Buffalo Grand penny machine when she hit the jackpot! According to Eagle Mountain Casino, the woman thought she had won $5,000. When she was told her actual jackpot total, the casino says she nearly collapsed.

The woman is starting off 2019 with $562,262.21. The casino says this is the woman’s second-highest jackpot she has won at Eagle Mountain Casino. She previously hit a jackpot of $16,000. The casino says the woman visits Eagle Mountain Casino at least once a week.

Ahh, so she’s going to put it all back through the machines and not get a house out of the jackpot. Hate to see it. I’m not going to tell the lady how to spend her money, but let’s say I hit that jackpot…40 yr old BC is walking out, going straight to a bank and telling them to take it all. At the end of the day it’s not even that much, but it should leave you just with taxes to pay on a house for the rest of your life.

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