Meet Nicole Isaacs – World Traveler

You know what’s boring AF on IG? When IGers act like they’re travelers and then they’re just using stock images nine months out of the year and then they sneak in a trip to Tulum, Miami and then maybe Greece. I’m on the lookout for IG ladies who actually travel and Nicole Isaacs seems to have a resume that makes her worth a follow this winter when I don’t see the sun for like 18 weeks.

‘Oh look, Nicole is in Hawaii. Let’s see what blue skies and 80 looks like in January.’ Hate IG all you want for what it is, but it helps bridge me from the end of the football season to Spring Training baseball and then from Opening Day to Memorial Day weekend. That’s why Nicole’s travels are so important here. She even makes snow pics look enjoyable. Her talent is incredible.

Nicole’s bio is simple: Travel. Food. Culture. And then she dumps the living day lights out of the content. You can tell she takes great care with her IG and all it represents. IG Stories are cataloged better than pretty much any IGer out there. She’s clearly in the top 10 nationally in that department.

And she has like 60 pics on IG Story today. This level of content pumping would kill a normal IGer. Not Nicole. This is the kind of hustle I’m looking for in 2019. Real go-getters. And her family has Goldens. Move outta the way Devin Brugman. You’ve been replaced.

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