Alexis Ren Up To Her Normal Ways, Sean McVay’s Hot Get Back Coach & Chubby 76ers Kid Steals The Show

This is going to blow your mind: Duke has a road game tonight. That’s right, the ACC actually sends Duke on the road for conference games. Tonight’s tip is at 9 on ESPN. You’ll also get Mississippi State-Kentucky at 7. And Villanova-Butler on FS1. From there it’s just a big ol night of basketball and hockey. I need to bust out the angle grinder for one piece of tile. Tonight just might be the night to do some grindin’.

It’s Tuesday, time for Alexis Ren

Zeke rolling the bones at a casino

Chubby 76ers kid steals the show on TNT

You really need to watch this from the Finebaum Show…Jay in Huntsville’s call 11 years ago

Jerry Kelly with an incredible eagle off the lava! 

Florida Man says sorry for Florida State MLK graphic

Fox runs graphic with Ruth Bader Ginsburg being dead

Congrats to Julia Rose — Rams fan

Even Sean McVay’s Get Back Coach Is Hot (I’m Not Gay) Video of the Month

Lasagna of the Day

Julia Pereira Hits The Beach, Todd Gurley Triggers Saints Fans & Hulk Hogan Gets In On The Fun
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