Meet Julia Rose – Los Angeles Rams Fan [UPDATE – She Flashed The World Series]

It’s official — Instagram model Julia Rose just won the first quarter of 2019 with her Los Angeles Rams photoshoot to get fans ready for the NFC title game this Sunday in New Orleans. I’ve spent years on here pounding the keyboard trying to make these IG models understand that if you want to differentiate yourself against all the other competition, do a sports jersey shoot. Those used to be common across the Internet when women weren’t just pumping out the same pool ass shots on the regular.

Now I can go on IG Discover and it’s the same 400 IG models all posting the same stuff. And then Julia Rose went out and released this today as we prepare to buckle up for Rams-Saints round two in NOLA. You know what gets attention on IG this time of year? Modeling a jersey. There are 28 teams at home and those fans are desperate for content to keep them interested in the Final Four and the Super Bowl. Enter Julia Rose and this video.

It’s an absolute piece of art that should make other IGers think about how they’re doing things. We get it ladies, you travel. Think one of you could recreate the famous Jaime Edmondson SI NFL jersey shoot? Maybe baseball jerseys? Hell, MLB should be secretly paying for IG models to do a shoot wearing their jerseys. They should be hiring a third party right now to handle that kind of marketing gold, but it’s MLB so I can guarantee it’s not happening.

Great job here by Julia Rose and the crew responsible for this work. This is how the Internet used to operate before everyone turned into massive douches and got offended over a model shooting photos. Guys, it’s OK. I’m still here. You still have an outlet.

[Update] Julia Rose flashed the World Series last night and was banned from MLB ballparks for life.


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