Looks Like Paulina & Dustin Are On Vacation With Brooks & Jena

via Jena Sims/IG

Remember back in the fall at the disastrous Ryder Cup when it was reported that Paulina Gretzky was a “central figure” in a post-Cup beef between Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka? There were a bunch of rumors about what the beef could’ve been over, some very wild to the point where I couldn’t blog about the theories being floated. I just assumed after that incident that these two weren’t on speaking terms.

Well…..they must be boys again because the couples are vacationing, according to Paulina and Koepka’s girlfriend Jena Sims, in Maldives at some resort where you get a slide right off your balcony into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. I guess everyone is on speaking terms because they seem to be doing a couples retreat, including Netflix & Chill night under the stars. I know, that’s a major change from the full-on beef we were led to believe after the Ryder Cup.

According to the the World Golf Rankings, Brooks Koepka is 2nd and Dustin Johnson is 3rd after three weeks of the season. And the beef appears to be quashed.

Paulina about to crush a meal in bed before starting another day of fun in the Maldives:

Paulina Netflix & Chill Night:

From Jena’s account:

Looks like everything is going pretty well for the golf professionals:

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