Meet Holly-Daze Coffey – Australian Surfer

I know what you’re thinking: There’s no way Australian Holly-Daze Coffey is a professional surfer, she’s just some Instagram model out here acting like she’s a surfer….no way she can even get up on a board. Uh, wrong bro. Holly-Daze IS a surfer and even has a World Surfer League page and everything. I’m not sure how to read the results on that page, but it appears she’s been as high as 21st in the World Surfer League. That sounds pretty great to me.

There was even a 3rd place finish in 2014 at the Swatch Girls Pro France event! Now do you trust me that Holly-Daze is a pro surfer? I don’t know if any of this equals winning money, but there are always the sponsors who are more than willing to sponsor an IG model closing in on 900k IG followers. Did I mention that Holly-Daze has sisters that are also on the IG scene? The family is pretty much the surfing Kardashians.

I’m kinda shocked that the ladies haven’t made their way to the States for a run at a reality show. Maybe something for E! or FS1. That’s where I’d put them…right on FS1 and have them surfing in Hawaii, California and maybe a wave or two in Florida. Pump out nine shows and you have a hit. Or throw them on Big Brother this summer. There are options here.


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