Former Titans DB Tony Beckham Catches Florida Man Peeping Into His Daughter’s Room, Whoops His Ass

Let’s all give former Tennessee Titans defensive back Tony Beckham a standing ovation for catching a peeping Tom Florida Man and whooping his ass to the tune of facial fractures after Beckham caught Geoffrey Cassidy outside his daughter’s window. Finally, a good guy wins and kicks the shitt out of the peeping dirtbag.

Beckham, who played in 58 games from 2002-2007, says his daughters are traumatized over what went down Monday morning as he was going to work.

From WFLA:

Tony Beckham told the news station he was leaving for work on Monday when he heard a “rumble” in the bushes, then saw a man crouched by the window with his hands in his pants. The man was looking at his daughter who was in her room getting dressed for school, according to Beckham.

“I screamed, ‘Hey what are you doing?! Then he took off running,” Beckham said.

Beckham, a former cornerback for the Tennessee Titans, chased after the man and tackled him to the ground. He held him there until deputies with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrived.

After the incident, Geoffrey Cassidy, 48, was taken to Wellington Regional Medical Center with fractures to his face.

Good. Kinda wish this scumbag’s face didn’t look even worse, but Beckham was probably worried the criminal would find some way to press charges. The scumbag picked the wrong house to target since Tony, a 4th round pick out of University of Wisconsin-Stout, ran 4.38 40 at the 2002 Combine. Something tells me Tony hasn’t lost a step from back then.

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