Sean McVay’s Smokin Hot Girlfriend Debuts McBae Playoff T-Shirt

You know what’s going to drive NFL owners and executives nuts this week? The McBae shirt that Sean McVay’s girlfriend Veronika Khomyn wore during Saturday’s game against the Cowboys. You’ll have 25+ league executives wearing that shirt during workouts where they try to regain their youth so they can live like the Rams head coach who has his great hair and tan headed to the NFC title game against the Saints.

“On to the final four ,” Veronika said on Instagram Saturday night where things are going amazingly for the couple. She’s a game away from being on the Super Bowl stage where she’s land all sorts of incredible modeling gig and Sean is going to get PAID this offseason by advertisers who are lined up to have him pitch their products. Think about what will happen if the Rams don’t make the Super Bowl. McBae will easily be the hottest Super Bowl free agent media guy available for two weeks of work. Let’s say CBS brings him in. You’ll have grown men and women from 20 to 100 watching that coverage.

I can’t seem to find a place to buy this exact McBae shirt, but here’s one version that will cost you $20.

[protected-iframe id=”a83689d255da33953f08d11991c2373d-22577676-23105199″ info=””width=”560″ height=”915″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]


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