South Carolina Has Recording Studio In New Football Facility

South Carolina's new football facility has a recording studio

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If the college football programs out there can’t pay the players on the 1st & 15th, they’re going to use that money to provide them with amenities that will make them feel like kings for four to five years while going to college before being dumped out into the real world where it’ll be time to get a job because as we all know most of these guys are turning pro in something other than football.


The new facility carried a $50 million price tag and spanned 110,000 square feet, and includes new locker rooms, dining rooms, a players lounge, interactive displays showing the history of the program, new weight room, a 15-seat movie theater, barber shop, and a recording studio donated by South Carolina alum Darius Rucker.

What else does this place have?

The amenities include more than 300 televisions, a player lounge with video game area, a 15-seat movie theater with reclining seats, a video arcade, a sound studio with equipment provided by musician Darius Rucker and a barber shop.

Take a tour of the new facility with the players:

To all past, present, and future Gamecocks:

Welcome home 🤙

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How is this all possible? The schools are taking your cable dollars and building facilities to keep this machine rolling along. You guys are helping pay for these facilities. How does that feel?

The SEC announces $596.9 million in revenue for the 2016-17 fiscal year.

Each school will receive $40.9 million.

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