Rams Fans Fight & Bite At Cowboys-Rams

via Twitter

Former MLB pitcher Dallas Braden was right there Saturday night when a couple of Rams fans with great seats for the divisional round playoff game threw down at the Coliseum and one fan left with a brutal bite to his cheek, but both fans took home some damage during the Rams big win.

According to Braden, the big boy in the video had a couple of leaky eyes after the war had ended. By now you know it’s almost guaranteed to see fists fly at a Rams game. While the rest of the NFL usually keeps things sorta classy during the playoffs, this is L.A. we’re talking about and it’s the Coliseum. So many people, so many emotions, of course fists are going to fly. It’s rare when I don’t see Rams fans fighting someone at that place.

You might remember the very violent Eagles-Rams fight back in December that was outside the Coliseum. The whole biting thing is rare though. Can’t remember seeing a guy biting a combatant in all my years posting this stuff. Now the NFC shifts to New Orleans where you won’t see anything like this. NOLA will be all joyous and let’s be honest, Rams fans won’t be there so it’ll be all good for the NFL. No more cheek biting from here on out.

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