Drunk Eagles Fan Gets Mad Over Loss, Attacks Her Girlfriend, Stuffs Dog In Microwave

How did Eagles fans take that tragic loss to the Saints on Sunday? In the case of a woman outside Allentown, PA, she didn’t take things too well and allegedly went tf off on here girlfriend in their hotel room. Kirsten Gaskins is accused of attacking her girlfriend and stuffing a Pomeranian in the hotel microwave. I know, you don’t hear of these kind of reactions very often.

From the Morning Call:

The woman said she and Gaskins were staying at the hotel as a getaway, but Gaskins got drunk and began yelling at her about the Eagles’ playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints.

The woman said Gaskins began to push her, and she pushed her back so she could get away. The woman said Gaskins pushed her hard enough to knock her down, and when she was on the floor, Gaskins got on top of her and began hitting her in the face. The woman said she scratched Gaskins on the face and was able to get away.

During the argument, Gaskins told the woman that if she left the room, she would kill her dog in the room with them.

Police went to the hotel room and checked the microwave and found a white Pomeranian dog inside.

The microwave was not turned on and the dog was unharmed, but the oven was too small for the dog to stand or turn around and there was limited ventilation inside.

You have to figure Kirsten was sent over the edge after these moments on her TV:

The tragic INT:


Michael Bennett Confronts Cameraman After Eagles Loss To Saints
Michael Bennett Confronts Cameraman After Eagles Loss To Saints