Woman Gets Denied Jackpot at MGM Because They Screwed Up Her Social Security Number

Fox News- A Maryland woman who thought she hit the jackpot Friday night ended up going home with jack squat — all because of a typo. Cynthia Obie told FOX5DC she was at the MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Md. when her slot machine’s symbols suddenly aligned and she won a tremendous payout. 

“I was very excited. Like, I need this money,” Obie told the news station. But Obie said that when casino staff took down her personal information, they misread her Social Security — by one number. 

The Maryland woman said she would have been thousands of dollars richer by now — she did not reveal the exact amount of the jackpot — but the typo prevented her from getting a penny. Instead, she was offered a $200 free play credit and drink vouchers for the night.

This is absolutely tragic. Bad beat of the decade. One social security digit away from a few hundred grand. This has to be a top-level conspiracy of some kind and I have a few different theories. I will outline them for you here:

The MGM is Bankrupt

A very plausible theory is that the MGM in Maryland is not doing well. It is a relatively new location and it’s incredibly possible it is being run terribly and they aren’t doing well financially. I know the house always wins, but this is a hotel, restaurant, bar, everything, not just a casino. So if the business is struggling mightly they may not have been able to afford this near million dollar payout to this poor lady. And for those wondering there is some sort of law in Maryland that prevents her from ever getting those winnings once the paperwork with the wrong information has been submitted. The casino would obviously know this loophole exists and could be using it to their favor.

The Mafia

I don’t want to go into too much detail at the risk of my own safety, but the mob could easily have a hand in this. I wouldn’t be shocked if a Soprano or a Moltisanti had some sort of stake in the MGM and didn’t want this woman getting her money. Again, for my own safety, I will not be digging any deeper into this theory.

The Gambling Gods are Very Real

This isn’t even a theory, it’s a fact. Everybody knows the gambling gods are a very real thing and any real gambler has been graced or punished (mostly punished) by them before. Is it possible that they were punishing this woman for playing the slots? To sports gamblers who grind their ass off day in and day out just to stay afloat, there is nothing more frustrating than slots players who win big. They pull a lever and get hundreds of thousands and you are stuck sweating out Quinnipiac +4.5 just to see if you can afford Seamless tonight. It’s just not fair. So if this is the real reason behind this, I no longer feel bad for her.

This Lady Didn’t Wanna Pay Taxes

This is honestly the most likely scenario. This woman was hyped up about her big jackpot and as she herself put it, she “really needed the money.” Therefore, she got greedy and changed one digit in here SSN hoping she would still be able to walk out with her jackpot and then never have to pay the taxes on it. Too bad, they don’t hand you a million cash on site lady. Better luck next time.

No matter the reason, this could be the worst beat of 2019 and we’re only two weeks in. T’s and P’s to this poor woman and may the gambling gods ever be in your favor.

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