Miami Heat Fan Bro Arrested For Going On The Court To Grab Ball From Ref

Miami Heat fan was arrested for going onto the court during a game

via Miami PD

You know who was lucky to not get his ass beatdown Tuesday night at the Miami Heat game? This Marsel Imer Miami Heat fan bro who ran onto the court at the end of the game against the Nuggets and grabbed the basketball after a free throw. You know why he’s lucky to have not been destroyed? Because none other than the baddest man in the NBA, James ‘Bloodsport’ Johnson — who has a long kickboxing and MMA career — was close enough to snap Imer in half.

Instead, Imer was arrested and taken to jail for his stunt. The good news here for Imer is that he was able to get some content for the IG Story. In his eyes it was probably all worth it. He’s 19. He’ll be able to use this content for years. The IG ladies will dig it.

From Local 10:

Marsel Imer, 19, was arrested on misdemeanor charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct.

According to a Miami police report, Imer ran onto the court at American Airlines Arena during Miami’s game against the Denver Nuggets.

“This caused the game to stop,” the report said. “Arena security and police had to run onto the court to remove the defendant from the court.”

Imer, who was wearing a Heat jersey in his arrest photo, was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. Imer appeared in court Wednesday and had the charges against him dropped, but he was ordered to stay away from American Airlines Arena.

From Marsel’s IG Story:

Marsel with a pretty typical IG for a 19 year old:

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