18 NSFWBDs React To James Harden's Step Back…Back…Back

We crossed over into new territory last night during the Jazz-Rockets game when James Harden got away with a step back…back…back with Ricky Rubio in his face to create space for an airball. Of course I wasn’t watching because I have a clear rule to not care about the NBA until like mid-April, but really it’s a mid-May rule because the early rounds of the NBA playoffs don’t matter and the regular season has absolutely no basis for anything besides teams like Milwaukee and Toronto acting like they’re about to run the NBA when we all know that’s not happening because the Warriors will eventually start caring and then go on to win the NBA title with little effort.
Damn, that was a long sentence.
Anyway, the BDs seem to have had enough with James Harden’s bullshitt that’s completely out of control at this point. Last night there was a ref looking right at the step back…back…back and swallowed his whistle. The whole Harden thing was funny at first, but now it’s just completely ridiculous considering the fact that a bottom to mid-tier player is getting called for travel in this circumstance. But, the hipsters will keep calling hoops their sport and will keep firing away with the credit card to buy sneakers and the NBA isn’t going to rock the boat. Harden will keep doing this and the beat will go on.
You guys wanted a league like this, you got it. At this point I’m going to root hard for more step back…back…backs just to keep this absurdity train rolling.

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