Skiers Rescued Off Montana Chair Lift…And I’m Out Dawg!

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I’ve been seeing bits and pieces of this video from over the weekend out of Whitefish Mountain Resort where a chair lift evacuation took place and included a fairly incredible 200 ft. rappel over a cliff to safety. Reports out of Whitefish, Montana say that 140 people had to be evacuated off the lift.

From the Missoulian:

The Flathead Beacon reports it took 2½ hours to remove everyone from Whitefish Mountain Resort’s Chair 5 on Saturday.

Resort officials say they decided to evacuate the passengers because of the time the repairs would require.

Some passengers were lowered from the lift with cables and harnesses. Resort officials say temperatures were in the high teens and winds were blowing at about 10 mph (16 kilometers per hour) at the time.

Now for video of one of the rescues off the lift:

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