Kentucky Man Arrested For Ham Assault On Woman Over Christmas Plans

from WKRN
I don’t think Kentucky Man David Brannon had a very good Christmas since he spent it in jail for throwing a ham at a woman during an argument over when the family was going to have a Christmas dinner. David, according to Laurel County, Kentucky jail records, went into the pen Sunday night and wasn’t scheduled to see a judge until Thursday morning over what went down with the ham and eventually running from the fuzz.
From WKRN:

When deputies went to a home on Love Rd. in London, Ky. they found a couple arguing over what day the family was having Christmas dinner. David Brannon, 21, was allegedly throwing items at a woman, including the ham that was served for dinner.
Deputies say Brannon tried to run from the scene but they caught him. He’s charged with assault and evading police.
The incident took place Sunday around  10:19 p.m.

Guys, you have to keep your cool, especially around the holidays because these public offices close up for multiple days and you’ll be sitting in that pen unless you can come up with the bail money. Doesn’t look like David could get someone to drop 10% on him. That’s a shame this time of year.

Here’s the David Brannon jail info…still in jail waiting for December 27 court date, according to the latest info:

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