IG Golfer Ashley Zwerner Will Be Your Personal Caddie In 2019











Ever pulled up to the country club and some dork college freshman rolls over to grab your clubs so he can loop for you while you try to enjoy 18 holes? Well you’re in luck because we’ve now entered an era where, in Las Vegas, you can hire personal caddies like IG Golfer Ashley Zwerner and she’ll serve as your caddie for the day. Trust me, this is the way to go and I’ve never even used this service before and they’re not even paying me a penny.

I just think this is an awesome idea. It’s like having your own cocktail waitress for a round of golf and she’s going to be a huge party while you’re whacking the shitt out of the ball all over the course on your way to a 105 while dropping $300 on course drinks – for yourself. Ashley put out the word this week that her planner is open and you can now book your tee times with her.

How does a personal caddie like Ashley work? I haven’t researched this business plan too much, but it looks like Ashley will help you when it’s time to shotgun beers, do shots after each hole, that kind of thing. I went over to the booking page and you can’t see a price until entering a bunch of information.

As for their duties, the site Platinum Tees says:

We act as your personal concierge on the golf course, order your drinks and food from the cart girl, keep an eye on your ball, clean your clubs, drive the cart, fix divots and tend the pin.

Think about that — all you have to do is show up, swing the club, get LIT AF & have a good time. What a country we live in. One minute you can be a lonely golfer, the next minute you can be living like Tiger Woods in Vegas. God Bless the USA!



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