Colorado Man Claims He’s Denver Broncos Player Who Doesn’t Exist, Arrested For Fraud

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Hang with me a little bit on this one because it’s wild and complex, something you’d expect from a guy who (allegedly) went to great lengths to make women think he was a Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings player. 49-year-old James Turner, the story goes, was using the alias of Dante Sir Foster, a National Football League player, to defraud at least one woman to the tune of $100,000.

It gets crazier — Turner appears to have planted at least one fake blog about this fake Dante Sir Foster guy going to training camp with the Vikings. The author appears to be legit so it might be a case of Turner paying a blogger to write a post. There’s also this 2016 blog by the same author featuring Turner playing the role of Sir Foster.

From KDVR:

Police are concerned he may have manipulated more women.

“He’s claiming to be someone that he’s not – and is proceeding on with criminal activity and the potential for victims could be far more than we could ever anticipate,” Officer Cybert said.

Castle Rock police obtained an arrest warrant on Thursday for Turner, recommending he be charged with theft, forgery, identity theft and criminal impersonation.

More from the Denver Post:

The arrest comes two months after Turner was arrested by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office in connection with an unrelated sexual assault, police said. As a result of the sheriff’s investigation, several women came forward alleging that Turner identified himself to them as a Broncos player, police said.

Turner has been charged with felony theft, identity theft, forgery of checks and fraud by criminal impersonation. On Dec. 28, he was released on bond from the Douglas County Jail.

Now, there is a football player named Donte Foster that legitimately bounced around the NFL from several practice squads from 2014-16. Turns out Donte Foster, an Ohio U. alum, has heard about what’s going on:

So many questions here:

• How did he settle on this ridiculous Dante Sir Foster name?

• How did he come across an obscure NFL player like Donte Foster and then make up an alias around the guy?

• What was his line to get money out of women? What was the hook to get them to pay up? ‘Baby, I’m just waiting to get my first game check…loan me $20k and I’ll pay you interest’ – perhaps?

• This can’t be his first rodeo – what other fakes has he created over the years?

• How much did he pay the mommy blogger to blog about him?

I need to set an alert for this guy on Google News. I’m fully intrigued at this point. I want to read the arrest papers, the evidence, the network of fake, all of it.

The Fake Dante Sir Foster:

via KDVR
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