Jake Fromm: Probably Not A Good Idea To Play Sam Ehlinger’s Style In My Conference

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It was an interesting December and January 1st for the Georgia Bulldogs, Jake Fromm and a bunch of players from Georgia’s roster that had jokes for the Notre Dame-Clemson game and then came out and couldn’t hang with Texas in the Sugar Bowl. First there was that devastating loss to Alabama, then getting rejected by the playoff committee, then Georgia players joking about the Cotton Bowl, followed up by Georgia QB Jake Fromm saying Texas QB Sam Ehlinger’s full bore running style not being a “good idea” in his vaunted SEC.

Then Ehlinger went out and put up a three rushing touchdown performance on Georgia in a 28-21 win in the Sugar Bowl. Fromm ended the game with a 46.6 QBR and left Georgia fans not exactly happy about his performance. And we’ll forever be left with the “in my conference” soundbite that is the ultimate conference superiority complex that just isn’t historically factual considering the fact that the last 10 years have included Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow running wild on SEC defenses.

Jake Fromm finished the year with minus-22 net yards rushing and loses to Georgia’s top three opponents. Ehlinger is listed at 6-3, 230 lbs. Tebow was/is listed at 6-3, 233 lbs. Trayveon Williams, the SEC’s leading rusher in 2018 is listed at 5-9, 200 and had 1,760 yards rushing. Maybe what Fromm’s getting at here is that a QB that runs the ball in the SEC won’t end up a solid draft pick because that guy is going to take a pounding. Cam Newton ran the ball 264 times for 1,473 yards in 2010, survived the season and then won a national championship.

Just sayin’, I think Sam Ehlinger would be just fine in the SEC.

Cocky Texas IS BACCKKKKKK…and Sam Ehlinger will be a junior next fall…now they just have to stop losing to teams like Maryland

Just a little perspective here for Jake Fromm…Ehlinger had 15 rushing touchdowns…Johnny Manziel had 21 as a freshman in the vaunted SEC and Tebow had 23 as a sophomore:


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