Orange Bowl Caught Using California Oranges?

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We have ourselves a controversy from the Orange Bowl where a California oranges box was spotted near the Orange Bowl trophy, indicating that it’s very possible the legendary Orange Bowl is getting outsider oranges to use in its trophy. SCANDAL! You know what’s going to lead the news at 6 in Miami? This story. Someone should be fired for letting Sun Pacific California oranges anywhere near that trophy.
Straight from the Sun Pacific orange company bio:

Sun Pacific has been growing sweet and juicy Navel Oranges in California since 1969. As a grower-shipper, we understand the importance of maintaining very high quality standards throughout the supply chain achieved through superior agricultural practices, state-of-the-art cooling and packing facilities, combined with the strength of a well-seasoned sales and marketing team.

Is there some sort of orange war going on that I don’t know about? Has someone within the corrupt bowl industry weaseled his way into using California oranges at the Orange Bowl? This could be the story of the week right here. Time for a Miami i-Team to assemble – FAST!
Let’s go back to 2017 and the doom and gloom surrounding the Florida orange industry:

It’s been a miserable few years for Florida’s orange crop. And now to add insult to injury, California is gearing up to steal the sunshine’s state crown as the king of U.S. citrus production.
After a decade of the citrus-greening disease devastating Florida oranges, Hurricane Irma smashed into groves this year, inflicting yet another blow to the crop. Farmers in the state are set to collect 46 million boxes of the fruit this season, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Tuesday. That would be the smallest since 1945 and would match California’s harvest. A box weighs 90 pounds for Florida, and California changed its weight since 2009-10 to 80 pounds.

At first I thought this might be a goof from Casagrande…but then I actually went as far as matching the carpet from the photo to the Orange Bowl media day room carpet…

…confirmed…that’s a California Oranges box on the Orange Bowl media room carpet!

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