Marshawn Lynch Trying To Light A Blunt Off Al Davis Torch?

via kingraider831
It turns out there was a very touching moment to come out of the Raiders final home game at Oakland Alameda Coliseum on Christmas Eve. Marshawn Lynch was the honorary Al Davis torch lighter for Monday’s game against the Broncos and what will most likely be the final Raiders game at the Coliseum. In true Marshawn fashion, it appears via video and photos from the lighting that he also tried to light a big fat blunt off that golden flame.
The bad news: it doesn’t look like Beast Mode was able to obtain a light on that big fat hog blunt, which would have been one helluva tribute to Oakland and the Bay Area from one of the most loved of all Raiders greats even though the local legend played in only 21 games for the Silver and Black.
From a Sports Illustrated interview:

Were you a happy kid?

We’d come to the playground, we was playin’—and then, you know, somebody would get knocked off, and that kid ain’t comin’ to the park no more. One of the OGs that usually ride by would tell you, “Make sure you don’t run out in the street chasin’ that ball.” It was what I would call livin’ and learnin’. But hell, yeah, I was a happy kid—especially when I came to the park.

This, today, is not the Oakland you knew.

Hell, no, it’s not. One day you wake up, you’ve got your neighborhood right here, then the next thing you know you see construction sites. And it’s like, “Hold on. What happened?” “Aw, yeah, well . . . [these people] had to sell their house for pennies or they was gonna take it from ’em.” “Huh? You mean to tell me people that have been staying here for the last 40 years had to sell their house?” . . . And it probably sounded like a lotta money. But what you really givin’ up is your history. You givin’ up your legacy. . . . I don’t even know if I feel comfortable comin’ back to where I grew up. Now I look like the outsider in my own damn neighborhood.

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