17 NSFWBDs React To Instagram's Latest Update

The Instagram update that went through this morning sent shockwaves through a social media world that just wants some calm as these social outlets try to figure out a way to incorporate more advertising into their apps. The NSFWBDs woke up and rolled over to locate their phones and find that the IG they’ve loved all these year(s) had been changed to a swipe functionality. It sent them over the edge. They already have to deal with an app that works on an algorithm and not in chronological order. Now swiping.
It was all too much and Instagram suddenly was trending throughout the world…for the wrong reasons. It didn’t take long before Instagram was changing things back to the way they were as of about 8 a.m. ET. The BDs spoke their peace and just maybe we can all go back to scrolling for hours in peace without someone causing us pain and anguish. Then again, Instagram is owned by Facebook so this will probably be a legitimate change here in a couple months.

Here’s what the head of Instagram had to say about all this:


Here’s an idea of what the Instagram update looked like before it was changed back:

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