20 NSFWBDs Analyze Christmas

The holiday has come and gone and we’re left with long lines of people returning items they didn’t want but ended up with in a family Christmas exchange and long lines of people spending Christmas gift cards before they lose the gift cards and the corporations win again by sucking money out of us without having to pay up with goods. Of course I’m going to check in with the NSFWBDs to have them analyze what just went down over the last couple days because nobody on the Internet is capable of analyzing these holidays like them.
One theme that was prevalent out of the BDs was that they’re not completely down with buying all these presents for kids and then some fat, old white dude gets all the credit. They’re not cool with that. Others aren’t cool with the old, fat white dude breaking into their houses to deliver presents. And others are tired of their girlfriends claiming that giving up the goods is a Christmas gift. That’s also a common theme out of the BDs around Valentine’s Day.
All in all, it was yet another incredible performance here out of the BDs who never fail to have things figured out in a way that the rest of us could only dream of.

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