No Refunds For Canceled First Responder Bowl

Are you holding a ticket to the First Responders Bowl that was canceled today in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl? I have bad news for you: no refunds. Tough luck, you paid and got to see Boston College take a 7-0 lead before weather forced the game’s cancellation, which doesn’t happen very often. We’re talking 1941. We’re talking an attack on Pearl Harbor.
As for what the players will go home with for playing 10 minutes into the first quarter:

  • Gift suite; RFID-blocking Ridge wallet; Big Game football

The wallet is worth $72, no word on how much they got to spend in the gift suite and I have no idea what a big game football is.

How rare is it for a bowl to be canceled?

Tough luck Boston College…you won’t be able to count this one:

But you’ll get a refund from Boston College if you bought through BC:

And this is the way the season ends:

Sounds like a mess for a bowl owned by ESPN:

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