Brian Urlacher And His Wife Showing Off At The Beach On Christmas Eve

One of the first photos to show up this morning on my IG feed was Brian Urlacher and wife Jennipher on some undisclosed beach celebrating Christmas Eve. Instant content for all the Bears fans out there who are on a heater right now with Bears pride with the football team headed to the playoffs and Brian going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame back in August. And I know the hard workin’, 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. unless the boss offers that double time guys out there can’t get enough of a shirtless Urlacher so I knew there was no option but to post Brian and Jennipher soaking up the rays.

Sounds like the family had quite the ordeal getting to the beach, but they finally made it in time for a Christmas Eve photo:

Mrs. Jameson has some nerve. She clearly didn’t know this guy gave his life for the Chicago Bears and he has multiple options for flying and it sounds like next time he’ll be going Delta. That would’ve been my suggestion. When in doubt go Delta. This is a tough spot for Brian. You know he’s sitting in that horrid Charlotte airport on December 22 and he’s already plunked down a huge chunk of money for the Christmas vacation and he has to deal with some gate agent trying to be a hero.

Speaking of heroes…let’s take a look back at the glory days:

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