Matt Patricia Keeps Acting Like He's Bill Belichick During Press Conferences

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Here we go again with another Matt Patricia press conference where he’s acting like he’s Bill Belichick because Bill is like his second daddy and he can’t just be himself, which I feel is a pretty happy go lucky guy, but he doesn’t want to come off like he isn’t a Belichick protege so he’s going to give one word answers on December 21 when the season is over.
Now, I’m not going to sit here and act like the reporters that go to these press conferences ask the best questions because they’re usually, “Talk about…(.)” But this is Matt Patricia we’re talking about and he has five wins in his coaching career. The Lions media is ready to go home, Matt’s ready to hit the road back to the northeast or to a home he’ll be selling fairly soon within the Detroit metro area and it’s time to think about Spring Training.
They’re really asking about long snappers. My god, end it all.

Let’s go to the questions:

Matt’s had a rough year with the whole media thing. He went f-bomb during Sunday’s postgame after a loss in Buffalo and who can forget when Matt got all mad at the reporter for his posture during a press conference. Matt’s offensive coordinator is about to be fired, Matt Stafford is about to finish with a very average season and the fans are tired of the continuous nonsense.
Yet here we are with Matt going Belichick and making the end of the season just brutal for all involved.


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