Fresno State Cheerleader’s Dad Breaks His Leg Rushing The Field

Fresno State fan broke his leg after jumping out of the stands at Las Vegas Bowl

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Fresno State fan Dave Boyt might have a broken leg after Saturday’s Las Vegas Bowl, but he’s now an Internet legend thanks to the tweets and photos posted by his daughter, Paityn, a Fresno State cheerleader. She has gone even further than just posting photos of dad’s medical dilemma, she even gave fans a chance to vote on which color of cast her dad should get.

From YourCentralValley:

Dave Boyt’s daughter, Paityn Boyt, who is part of the Fresno State dance team, posted that her father was so excited when the ‘Dogs beat Arizona State, that he jumped onto the field and broke his foot.

The daughter-father duo traveled to Las Vegas, both for similar reasons.

Her role? To cheer on the team. His? She says he’s probably an even bigger cheerleader than she is.

“He barely misses a game,” she says. “He was too caught up in the win and saw my little brother jump off to get to the field.”

Dave seems like the kind of guy I’d have a beer with and just shoot the shitt for a couple hours like we’ve known each other for years. More from the Fresno Bee:

“I’ve always wanted to rush the field,” Boyt said from his hospital bed during an telephone interview Sunday. “I never had a chance to do it before.”

“I just got caught up living in the moment. I wanted to celebrate with the players and share this moment with my daughter, who was already down on the field. We’re huge Bulldogs fans.”

Dave says he thinks he’d do it all over again even though he’s going to be on the mend for about eight weeks. That’s a real football guy right there. Some people think these bowl games are just glorified exhibitions. Not Dave. He’s willing to sacrifice his leg for the Bulldogs. Turns out that guys sitting out bowl games so they don’t get injured now have a guy willing to injure himself for a bowl title. It’s quite a moment for football fans everywhere.

My dad was so excited when Fresno state won he jumped from the stadium on to the field and broke his leg😂 he was still chanting Fresno state as he got dragged away in a gurney… talk about a super fan

— Pkay (@paitynboyt) December 16, 2018

My dad wants the people to decide which bulldog color to get his cast

— Pkay (@paitynboyt) December 16, 2018