Russian Veronica Bielik Could Be A Spy & I'd Be Cool With It, Cocaine Guy Is LIT AF, Plus Army Needs More Tix

You’ll get DIII and FCS action tonight including South Dakota State vs. North Dakota State. That’s going to be a war. Two teams that don’t like each other. Two states that don’t like each other. I think a trip to the national title is on the line here. Of course it’ll be cold, but they’ll play indoors so the elements will be fine…buckle up for a battle in the Fargodome. There’s also a bunch of curling action on NBCSN.
Russian Veronica Bielik can have all my passwords
This guy was wearing a ‘Cocaine’ shirt & spraypainting ‘cocaine’ everywhere
LAPD has something to say to the Kansas City cops after last night’s game
Old lady destroys Phoenix Suns owner at public meeting
Army needs more bowl tix
Detroit weather lady commits suicide
This Florida Woman crashed into a store at around 5:30 a.m., helped herself to Jim Beam
Here’s Kori from Texas A&M

Jacked UP Not A Penalty Old School Footballin’ Hit of the Week Video of the Day

Shrimp of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley Still Going Strong, Chiefs Fan Sniffs Mahomes' Deodorant & Anna Kournikova Liquor Run
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